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Could Women Begin to 'Evolve' Out of Menopause?

Illustration for article titled Could Women Begin to Evolve Out of Menopause?

Because of science and technology, we're living much longer than our predecessors—and much longer past menopause. According to one genetics expert, "the change" is no longer necessary, and we will eventually evolve out of it, either by default or design.


Dr. Aarathi Prasad says that women will "probably overcome" menopause and bear children well into their 50s.

The mood of scientists working on this and looking to the future is we will either technologically or scientifically evolve out of the menopause.


Speaking at the Hay Festival, the anual literature and arts festival in Wales, the biologist and science writer argued that menopause was once an evolutionary necessity so that older woman could look after younger children.

"The benefit of [menopause] was that you're living with your mother and you start reproducing because you're a teenager," Dr. Prasad said. "And if your mother was also reproducing then her children would be in competition with yours for resources which were limited."

But we generally don't live like that anymore and there are no longer any "benefits" to menopause, especially considering that it also brings with it increased health risks.

If you're looking at a future where women are going to live to 100, that's half your life when the rest of your body functions perfectly well and your ovaries don't. And it's not just reproduction. The menopause brings an increased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. What we think is normal is not normal for nature.


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Women could 'evolve' out of menopause and bear children later, says scientist [Telegraph]

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Being a man, and as such, unfamiliar with how things like period cramps, PMS, menopause, hot flashes, etc. actually are to go through, I have to ask a question.

Is this something women would want? All I have to go on is that my wife would really like to stop having a period. So I'm inclined to lean "no".