Could It Be? Could Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Be Planning a VMAs Reconciliation?

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Some four years after it began (thanks to some ridiculous argument over backup dancers), the feud between two of pop music’s biggest names may soon come to an end before a live studio audience.


Over the past several days, the celebrity rumor mill has been churning out stories that Katy Perry will reconcile with Taylor Swift during next week’s VMAs, which Perry will be hosting. But those were just unfounded rumors—the same ones I’m sure I saw on Twitter in advance of Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance. On Friday, however, some odd changes to Swift’s social media accounts suggested something big was coming, with one new follow in particular suggesting the big event may involve her nemesis.

After deleting all her old Instagrams, most of her old tweets, and the photos on her Facebook account, Swift began following Katy Perry on Twitter—a move noticed quickly by Pop Crave.

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Since then, however, she has unfollowed everyone. On every major platform. So perhaps the Katy Perry follow was a fluke! Or maybe it was sneaky move to get gossip mags talking about her potential new music after her recent legal battle! Or, you know, it could actually mean she’ll be performing at the VMAs next week.

After the so-so commercial and critical performance of Witness (not to mention some recent dreary news about Perry’s upcoming tour), MTV must know they’ll have to pull out all the stops if anyone’s going to be tuning into the notoriously uneven VMAs en masse. And nothing any marketing team could ever devise would work better than watching the two participants of one of pop’s dumbest and biggest feuds burying the hatchet live onstage to a medley of Swift’s “Bad Blood,” Perry’s “Swish Swish,” and whatever new single Swift is about to drop, particularly given how recently said feud had been revitalized. Unfortunately, I can’t wait.

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Good. I can finally complete my photographic trilogy of pop divas who were ostensibly feuding and then appeared at the VMAs together in a show of solidarity.