Cosmo's breaking the News You Use with their latest feature on 8 Weird Aphrodisiac Tricks From Around the World. Other cultures are crazy, am I right? Ladies? Ladies??

The list of eccentric erotic eats includes tiger wang, cobra blood, and ants. To each their own, but it sucks that they all involve animal suffering. I know Americans eat some shady-ass shit that actively take away their ability/desire to bone, so I'm not judging, but, as a vegan, I'm gonna stick with the figs. Because they're plant-based and they look like little vaginas. Win/win.


Also, I would like some applause for the amount of restraint I showed by not using a photo of Tiger Woods as the main pictures. *Bows* (I know, I hate me, too)

8 Weird Aphrodisiac Tricks From Around the World [Cosmo]