Cool Moms Caught Smoking Celebratory Back-to-School Weed Like Five Minutes Away from School

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School is back in session, baby, and these cool moms got high as fuck to celebrate, but were almost immediately caught by the police.


Mashable reports that Sgt John Price of the Saanich Police Department on Vancouver Island in Canada was keeping an eye on traffic when he caught a car speeding a school zone. When the officer approached the car, it was “pretty evident” that the driver and probably the other passengers in the car had just smoked a giant joint, like you do after dropping your kids off at school and gaining some part of your day back to yourself.

When asked, the driver admitted that she and the other passengers in the car enjoyed a celebratory joint before speeding away from their children’s school.

“She did admit to smoking a joint and tried to excuse it away by saying her and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint, celebrating that the kids were back in school,” said Price.

Because our neighbors to the north are benevolent and kind and their drug laws are much more lax than ours, the moms got off with a warning, after a “drug recognition expert” came through to make sure the woman was fit to drive. Quick question: what the hell does a “drug recognition expert” have to do to determine that a car full of women were stoned? What tests did she have to endure to make sure that she could drive the ten minutes or whatever back to her house? Did they have to try and pick out a snack at the gas station in a set amount of time? I’m not being facetious, I am genuinely curious. How did they test for this?

Smoke weed if you want to because it’s wonderful and great and you certainly deserve it after enduring a summer with your children, but maybe give it five to ten minutes after you peel out of a school zone. Just a thought!


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