Congressmen Allegedly Unable To Resist Sexy Blond Sirens

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What's a good way to spice up a story about lobbyists' influence over Congress? Make it about sexy seductresses, obviously! Preferably blond ones.

And no, we're not talking about John McCain and his New York Times-alleged "closeness" to a lobbyist who just happened to be a woman and blond. According to The New York Post, "Sources say House Minority Leader John Boehner has told GOP congressmen who partied with lobbyists "to knock it off." What does that mean, exactly? To The Post, it means SEX.


Or, in so many insinuations, "close conversation with a comely lobbyist" (to be fair, ""Why did you get me so drunk?" is a straightforwardly idiotic thing for a congressman to say in public, reporter within earshot or no), or photos of a Missouri rep "dining with a blond lobbyist from the Patriot Group at a DC restaurant." Uh oh. Dinner and blond? You know what that means.

Oh, and there's this incriminating tidbit:

And lobbyist Glenn LeMunyon's DC row house has been a hot spot for lobbyists who want to meet House members, including California's Duncan Hunter, Pennsylvania's Bill Shuster and Terry.

Meet, you say? This just gets dirtier and dirtier.

One lady lobbyist wrote us, "Apparently female lobbyists, not the sleazy members of Congress are to blame...I'm a professional whose job includes networking as an integral part, but as a woman I can't be trusted to keep sex and work separate. My job is to act as an advocate for a cause, not seduce Congressman."


Wait, sorry, I fell asleep at the part about "advocating for a cause." What was that about sex?

Pols Told To Be Wary Of Female Lobbyists [NYP]

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Oh, this is not helping my headache. Seriously, as a fundraiser, we get crap like this too. Is there money involved? Must be sex too. Are you an average woman without scales covering your entire body? Must be trying to seduce people. It gets old.