Condé Nast International Appears to Have Blacklisted Terry Richardson

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Image via Getty.

In an exclusive report published late Monday night, The Daily Telegraph revealed an email circulating around Condé Nast International (the owner of country-based iterations of publications like GQ and Vogue) telling staffers that they have blacklisted photographer Terry Richardson.


The email, allegedly written by EVP James Woolhouse, begins bluntly. “I am writing to you on an important matter. Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson.” It goes on to inform staff that any work already commissioned from Mr Richardson but not yet published should be “killed or substituted with other material.”

Condé has declined to comment on the Telegraph’s report.

To catch yourself up on the host of allegations against Richardson, who has been described as a man who abuses his power to exploit and harass women he works with, just check out these stories.


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Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man


Oh, so does this mean we can finally quit pretending that Terry Richardson hasn’t been gross as hell FOREVER? Also, his shitty photography has always been just as much garbage as he is as a human being, and I will never understand his popularity.

Anyway, good riddance. Straight into the trash can, do not pass go, you disgusting, hack motherfucker. (Sorry, but I’m a photographer, and a woman, and I have a LOT OF ANGRY stored up about this fucking guy.)