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All Justin Bieber wants in this sad world is to spend $100,000 a month on a rental home in Beverly Hills, but no one in the exclusive neighborhood will take his sweaty, stinky, crumpled-up wads of cash and let him hang. Page Six reports the famous Canadian has been staying in a hotel for nearly a year because of his “reputation for trashing mansions.”

A “Hollywood real estate source” told Page Six:

“He and his entourage have a reputation of trashing his rental homes and then being difficult where it comes to paying for the repairs...So instead he’s become a resident at a hotel, where the well-heeled guests have been doing double takes seeing him at breakfast on his own with his tattoos and baggy pants.”

This is how the unnecessary remake of Somewhere starts.

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Tyra Banks and boyfriend of five years/father of her child Erik Asla are officially broken up. I heard you gasp from here, but do not cry for Ms. Banks, for all is well and “drama-free.”


When asked for comment, their nine-month-old son York reportedly said, “They’re still in the running towards becoming my own personal top co-parents.”

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“She’s gonna be fine.”

- Kyle Richards on Kylie Jenner

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