Competition Aims To Put Pole Dancing In Positive Light

This weekend, 11 women competed in the 2011 U.S. Pole Dancing Championship in New York City as a way to legitimize the activity as a sport. Watching the aerial acrobatics that defy gravity in this clip, it's hard to argue that pole dancing is anything but. (In case you were wondering, they have to wear skimpy outfits in order for their skin to be exposed enough to help them stick to the pole).

Pole dancers seek to ditch stripper stigma [CBS News]

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I'm Ron Burgundy?

The degree of slut shaming and dismissiveness going on right now is repugnant. Especially coming from a community that will verbally fight tooth and nail for the rights of sex workers.

Anyone that can't look at this and see an exceptional display of talent, skill, strength and performance and rather just see icky strippers should be ashamed of themselves. And yes, I can look at these events and distance the connection to strip-culture, easily.

Also, I love how when a legit explanation is given as to why these women wear small amounts of clothing, it is tossed aside and just continues the shaming of women who chose to dance for a living.

And to those that are scoffing at calling this a sport, how is this any different from gymnastics? How is this any less challenging that long distance track events? How? Please. I'm dying to know.

And one more thing, FUN FACT TIME: Felix Cane, a multi-year champion of pole dancing competitions is now a featured member of Cirque Du Soleil.