Commercial Says Moms Do All the Housework: Insightful or Inciting?

British supermarket chain Asda released an ad with a "super mom" who does all of the holiday prep — everything short of greeting ye olde St. Nick with a hand job when he slides down the chimney. At the end of the commercial, after she's done getting everything ready for the holidays, she walks down and sees her whole family laughing and having a great time. So, hey, her super hard, unrelenting work was all worth it. Because in front of every great woman is a room full of people who can't do thing for themselves.

I know part of you is screaming at her to tell dad to get off his fat arse (I am being culturaly sensitive to our former colonial overlords) and get to shopping! And you know who always made the side dishes in my family? Me! Because my childhood obesity was seen as proof that I was the only suitable chef in the house. Holidays are a family affair, not just for the mom who does her unfair share of keeping her family in candy canes. And, let's be honest, no matter how hard you try, the scene at the end of the day isn't a happy party — it's more like your drunk uncle hitting on your friends, your dad sleeping upstairs, and your little brother playing DS in the corner. Family bonding!


So, yeah, is this a sexist piece of shit? Or do you think that in liberal America, where dudes are doing more at home, that women still carry the majority of the family burden? I remember a study that said even in homes where both parents work, women still end up doing like a ton more housework. I think perhaps the issue is that it's more on the nose than we're comfortable with admitting to.

This Christmas Ad With Super Mom: Sexist or No? British company forced to semi-apoplogize [sic] [Ad Week]

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