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Comment of the Day: Yeezy's Magic Sperm

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Chicka_Boom turned the mic on Kanye and spit out some hilarious truth (?):

Yo Tracie, I'mma let you finish, but Yeezy has the most powerful sperm of all time. OF ALL TIME. Seriously, that shit will bust a condom, storm the cervix, and have you knocked up by the time you're enjoying some post-coital spooning.


"Storm the cervix" would be a good name for something. I can't think of what, but I just love the sound of it.

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I recently went to a Storm the Cervix show, they're an all-women, feminist black metal band. Their more popular songs are Nice Guys in Fedoras, Rape Fatigue, and Feminist Killjoy. They have sexy male dancers and shower the crowds with their male tears to keep their fans hydrated and revitalized. Crazy show, totally recommended.