Comment Of The Day: The Disturbing Ways Cats Tell You What's On Their Mind

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Last night, we learned a dad left severed deer parts at his daughter's house, much like how cats leave "presents" on your doorstep. MissPork says:

This is true. However, there are a variety of behaviors that are understandable in cats that might merit a restraining order if performed by a human adult. These include, but are not limited to:
1) I missed you, so I threw up in your shoes.
2) I want you to make me breakfast so I'm going to stand on your breasts and lick your face.
3) There were fireworks, so I peed on your carpet.
4) I'm angry that you pay more attention to your laptop than me, so I chewed on the electrical cord.
4) I shredded the toilet paper because it was there.

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OHMYGOD, it's like I'm famous! Thanks so much, you guys!

Seriously, this just made my day.