Dad Claims Severed Deer Parts Were Gifts For Daughter

Nathaniel Heard, a high school teacher from New Hampshire, says he left bloody deer parts at his ex-wife's home because he thought his daughter might like to play with them. It's just like that scene in The Godfather. That dude thought Don Corleone was sending him a menacing message, but he was actually saying, "Hey, look at this awesome horse head I found!"

Heard has been arrested on two counts of criminal trespassing, criminal threatening, and one count of stalking. He says a restraining order preventing him from seeing his children should be lifted, but a prosecutor counters that the kids didn't see the charm in their new "toys."

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Wow okay, maybe all you "elitists" can afford to buy your kids Lego sets and mini-Hummers, but the poorz have to be creative when they get their children gifts.