Comment of the Day: Fit Fatties, Say Heeeey

Beachlady breaks down why you can't judge a book by its cover. Or, er, a marathon runner by her age or tummy size:

I am especially pissy about this fat = unhealthy stuff these days. I just ran my first marathon and boy oh boy did I learn about judging someone's health and physical fitness based on how they look. There were 70 year old women, 300 lb men, 100 pound college girls, 36 year old shorties (ahem) at that starting line. And how they looked on the outside (outside of the elite runners who look like elite runners) had no bearing on their ability to finish. I thought I was pretty non-judgmental about bodies, but MAN, will I no longer assume larger people are not super in shape.

So to sum up, Neil Cavuto can go screw himself.


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