College Student Dies During Awful, Bizarre Hazing Ritual

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Another day, another terrible hazing incident.


Chun Hsien Deng, a 19-year-old freshman at Baruch College, a constituent university located in Manhattan, died on Monday after suffering "major brain trauma" while taking part in a game during a fraternity ritual in the Poconos. He apparently suffered the injury early Sunday but the frat members waited "some time" to take him to the ER. Jesus.

Deng was on a retreat with 30 or so members of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity, when they engaged in a game called the Glass Ceiling. It involves placing a heavy item on a blindfolded person's back and then giving them verbal directions on where to go while other members of the frat tackle them. AKA, the shittiest, most dangerous game ever.


A spokeswoman for Baruch said Mr. Deng died after "an unsanctioned fraternity pledging event in the Poconos." Mitchel B. Wallerstein, the college's president, said in a statement that he "had no knowledge of this event or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class."

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People need to be able to go after universities and colleges for what happens in their Greek systems. Maybe if the university coffers were at risk, institutions would be more willing to take real steps toward reform. As it is, they get to hide behind the "unsanctioned activity" canard so they can rake in donations from Greek alumni. Meanwhile, fraternities and sororities contribute to and uphold oppression in all its forms.

Fuck the "Greek" system. And quit pretending the good outweighs the bad.