Colbert: Donald Sterling Should Start an All-White Basketball League

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Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen addresses the controversy surrounding LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling who, as of yesterday, was given a lifetime ban from the NBA thanks to racist comments he allegedly made during a recorded conversation with his mistress.

Like the rest of us, Colbert was offended by Sterling's remarks, but not for the same reason. What really got his goat about the whole thing wasn't the way Sterling talked about black people or treated his girlfriend. It was the implication that white people somehow make better basketball fans than people of other races.

"I am shocked that Sterling would perpetuate the cruel stereotype that white people are genetically superior at basketball spectating," Colbert ranted. "Oh, let me guess — because our musculoskeletal structure makes it easier for us to pump cheese. That is racist."


As for where Sterling should go from here, Stephen has a suggestion: "I believe he should be consistent and start his own all-white league. I mean, the games would be just as exciting."

Sure, they would.

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Global Beet

I'm afraid of the comments that will be posted on this article, after reading the comments from the Asian men article. I had no idea that so many of my fellow Jez readers were such Asian fetishists. And never mind all of the people who are convinced that ALL asain men are sexists. I wonder what they'll say about black men in this article.