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Coco Rocha Hates It When People Talk About "Real Women"

Illustration for article titled Coco Rocha Hates It When People Talk About Real Women

In the past, supermodel Coco Rocha has been very vocal about the term "plus-size" and its definition and use in the fashion world. Now that Myla Dalbesio's Calvin Klein campaign has reignited the debate about what plus-size means, the model is back to reiterate her opinion on the matter.


At an Autograph Collection Hotels event on Thursday, Huffington Post asked her about her take on the plus-size issue. She responded:

"I didn't really hear about the Calvin Klein thing ... but I have spoken out on the whole subject of plus-size models — I don't even like a title: petite, short, high fashion, runway. It should all just be in one genre, it's just a model," she told HuffPost. "Even when they say 'real women.' I hate that too. We're all real. When someone tells me that I'm not real, I say to them, 'Well, what about me isn't real?' I have not changed my figure. This is who I am. My mom [has this body], this is genetics. So for anyone to be called plus-size, petite or 'not real,' it just frustrates me…"


It frustrates me too, Coco.

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Off-topic, but after all the model talk today I love how people seem to think Kendall Jenner has "amazing bone structure" when THIS lady walks the earth. Kendall Jenner has a very nice skull and teeth. Coco has BONE FUCKING STRUCTURE.

And yes, Coco also always speaks her mind about the worst parts of her industry, from surprise nude shoots and exploiting underage models (in her position as a Model Alliance member) and not being afraid to call Terry Richardson a predator. She's great.