Coco Rocha Announces Pregnancy With Weird Ass Video

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Coco Rocha announced her pregnancy by donning a nude bodysuit and filming a 360-degree video on her Instagram page.


When my friend Emily announced her pregnancy, she sent everyone cards with a cartoon of a teddy bear smiling and hugging a cat. When you are Coco Rocha, that shit doesn't fly. To announce her pregnancy, her first with husband James Conran, Rocha made a video that's more like a teaser for an upcoming season of American Horror Story.

@JamesEdwardConran and I are absolutely thrilled to announce that after 4 years of marriage we are expanding our family and expecting our first child spring of 2015! - James & Coco

It's like something out of a Tarsem Singh video (SORRY I JUST REWATCHED THE CELL).


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Everyone in Gwyneth Paltrow's neighborhood hates her, apparently. Radar reports that in response to a fundraiser for President Barack Obama scheduled to be held at her Los Angeles home, local residents have plastered the area in "OBAMA DRONE" posters featuring her likeness.

What the hell, people? The woman is just trying to bring you the world's greatest chicken smothered in a fuckton of t urmeric and braised in the tears of a satyr. Why can't you let her love you? [Radar]


Umm, Amanda Bynes says that she is engaged to her boyfriend Caleb, who is 19 and works in a bait shop. [ In Touch Weekly]


Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen had sushi together and probably laughed awkwardly about the time they were sexting each other at the Emmy's. [Just Jared]

It's officially the end of a beautiful era. Nick Cannon covered up his "Mariah" back tattoo with a massive religious angel/crucifixion thing. When he breaks up with Jesus, things are going to be really awkward [TMZ]


In what was probably not a totally awkward conversation, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon talked to their kids about Cruel Intentions. They were unable to explain why, despite having seen this movie 400 times, people like me will turn down invitations to dine with the European royalty so they can sit in their underwear drinking vodka, cheering for Sarah Michelle Gellar's character. [Huffington Post]

Here is Kelly Clarkson's babeh. [E Online]

Kim Kardashian wore some fancy schmancy finger jewelry that spelled out North West. My mother once wore a T-shirt that read "My Child Cheated Off Your Honor Roll Child. Thanks!" She is very proud of me, sometimes. I think. [Instagram]


In They Are Most Definitely Now a Couple news, Ariana Grande kissed Big Sean on a roller coaster. That's lovely. The last roller coaster I went on with someone I was dating ended up in me barfing an elephant ear and two corn dogs into his lap. He said that wouldn't have bothered him, but me screaming on the way down that I would "offer his bloody carcass" as a sacrifice if the "fair gods" saved me from death was a bit over the line. [Hollywood Life]

As reported earlier, Twin Peaks is coming back. Fire up season one on Netflix (as we are doing now in my home) and enjoy this.

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Emma Golddigger

One time my friend sent me a text that said, "Guess who's pregnant and keeping it?" That is the only acceptable way to announce a pregnancy.