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CNN Cancels Reza Aslan's Show After He Calls Trump a 'Piece Of Shit'

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

On the heels of their break with Kathy Griffin, CNN has severed ties with Believer host Reza Aslan—and also, seemingly, for Trump-related reasons. Aslan recently referred to Donald Trump as a “piece of shit” on Twitter. Who among us, truly?


As the Daily Intelligencer reports, the religious scholar was responding to Trump’s response to the London Bridge terrorist attack. Aslan later deleted the tweet and apologize for his use of profanity. He did continue, however, to condemn Trump’s actions—and fair enough.


CNN did not reference Aslan’s tweets in the statement they issued to Variety, which simply announced they had “decided to not move forward with production on” Believer. Aslan, however, has made clear that his politics do not jive with CNN’s “brand as an unbiased media outlet.”

Considering the fact that HBO hasn’t pulled Bill Maher’s show despite his recent virulently racist remark—and with the understanding that the two networks have different aims—this particular cancellation registers as craven.

And for the record, Reza, if ever you’d like to strengthen your archive of Trump descriptors, Jezebel has you covered.

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Mortal Dictata

The BBC, while trying to be neutral and impartial, still has hosts who don’t like the Government and puts out content that still asks serious questions about its conduct despite being “neutral”.

CNN is really badly trying to push itself as neutral when really they’re just impotent and afraid of saying anything that could upset anyone in power or one of their advertisers.

CNN has no integrity left.