Close the Shades When You Do It in a Fancy Hotel (Or Any Hotel?)

Residents of a New York City public-housing building on the Lower East Side have one gentle but urgent request for guests of the Public hotel: please stop fucking with the blinds open because everyone can see you.

We can thank the New York Post for this delightful parable about gentrification, money, and sex. According to this story, residents of 10 Stanton Street have been inundated with visions of hotel guests doin’ it smashed up against the plate glass window for everyone to see.


According to the residents of the public-housing building, couples are fucking, masturbating, and living their best “I’m on vacation and I paid $225 at the minimum for this room and I don’t give a fuck if you watch me fuck” lives in flagrant disregard for the people living in a building that is probably close enough to touch. According to the Post, at least 47 complaints have been called into 311, but from a legal standpoint, there’s not much that can be done.

“The whole question is whether it’s going on in public: If you’re in your house or something [such as a hotel], you’re safe,” said Manhattan lawyer Lance Fletcher, whose firm handles public-lewdness cases.

“[The neighbors] have gotta close the blinds or look away.”

Sure. Everyone involved in this story could close their blinds and go about their lives. But the public housing building was there first! They shouldn’t have to close their blinds to shield themselves from vacationers fucking like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re staying in a hotel AND YOU ALSO WANT TO FUCK, I’m here for it. Just close your blinds. Thank you.

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