Cleveland Radio Station Will No Longer Play Classic Christmas Carol About Cold-Weather Sex

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The holidays are here, which means it’s time to debate whether or not the lyrics to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” are creepy or just crappy and annoying.

According to CNN, Star 102, WDOK-FM, a Cleveland Christmas radio station has decided it won’t be playing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” this year. The 74-year-old song by “Guys and Dolls” writer Frank Loesser is also known on Urban Dictionary as the “Christmas Date Rape Song.”

On the station’s website, radio host Glenn Anderson explained that the song is no longer appropriate for #MeToo era:

“Now, I do realize that when the song was written in 1944, it was a different time, but now while reading it, it seems very manipulative and wrong,” he wrote.

“The world we live in is extra sensitive now, and people get easily offended, but in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.”


And because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little irrational shouting about how things were better a long time ago but now are different and awful, listeners flocked to Facebook in order to be publicly offended by how easily offended people are these days:

“I will not be listening to this station anymore myself if they give in to sensitive people,” one woman wrote. “The song has been out there for a long time and now it offends people. Come on. This is getting out of hand with all the people that are offended by stuff.”


Scrapping traditional songs about cold-weather boning. Another fallen monument in the war on Christmas.

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People are being willfully ignorant about this song at this point. The historical context has been explained ad nauseum re: the woman wanting to stay but being unable to say so explicitly due to social norms at the time and the man trying to give her reasons to stay so as to provide her with cover. And the line “What’s in this drink?” has nothing to do with date rape drugs, but is moreso a reference to people behaving a little more loosely as they get drunker.

Why do we go through this every year with this song?