Christina Hendricks and Elmo Explain Tech to Today's Embattled Youth

Man, Sesame Street was so much easier back in my day, when all you had to know was above/below and inside/outside and that the letter R was radical and that reading was an important skill. Now, kids have to learn about tablets and smartphones and the fact that Christina Hendricks calls her grandpa pop pop, and it’s all just a little too much.

This video, featuring Hendricks and Elmo discussing everything from laptops to old-school lo-fi tech such as backpacks is an adorable way for children/very, very stoned adults to learn about the world around them. What’s that you say, Elmo? Netflix is technology, too? Let me go spend the rest of the day learning all about that with an entire season of The Good Wife.

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Erica Washington

Elmo gets a little annoying at times, but kids still LOVE him. Go figure.

But kids and parents are completely united in their hate for Caillou. So we do have at least one show to hate-bond over.