Christina Aguilera Offensively Promotes Milk

As part of what looks to be a long promotional tease for her next album—her first in six years—Christina Aguilera has been tossing video clips and hints into the social media ether. Her latest was posted on this lovely Wednesday morning and it’s her most offensive, basically a milk ad.


There she is, Christina Aguilera lapping up milk like a cute thirsty kitten. Maybe the implication is that she’s truly your MOM and all these bitches are her sons? “SHE INVENTED THE MILK,” one Twitter user replied. Another wrote: “QUEEN OF MILK.”

First of all, no. Second of all, no thanks. Recall that in 2015, former Jezebel writer Kara Brown successfully argued against the merits of cow’s milk in her post Adults Should Not Be Drinking Milk. I agreed 100 percent and still do, and I find Aguilera’s recent promotion to be in bad taste. Unless that happens to be almond milk, which I love.

Culture Editor, Jezebel



Counterpoints: milk in coffee and cereal is the bomb. Plus, almonds do not lactate, so it’s not really milk.

But I will agree that Xtina is a bit... excessive.