Christ the Redeemer Gets Freaky With the Statue of Liberty

In this insane print ad for Ukraine International Airlines, we see Rio de Janeiro's enormous art deco statue, Christ the Redeemer, enjoying a cigarette with a tousled lady liberty. Saucy! I can't believe this would fly in a heavily religious country such as the Ukraine, but uh, maybe they shock factor will be good for sales? Or maybe this is the last we'll ever hear from this airline.

The only issue I have with it is that the Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall and Cristo Redentor is 130 feet tall so really, it should be a tiny Jesus resting on her giant bosom, right? Hot.


[Update: the ad is a fake, done to enter in a contest, and I kinda think this person should win. Let's all go to Rio and NYC and get freaky with some statues!]

Jesus has a quickie with Lady Liberty in Ukrainian shock ad [The Ethical Adman]

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