Chris Messina Better Show His Face in the Final Season of The Mindy Project

Here is a trailer for the final season of The Mindy Project. I have watched it three times and I have one very important request: please bring back Chris Messina just briefly, for one to five seconds, so I can just see what he’s been up to.


Via Deadline, Messina will be making a return, even though he’s not in this trailer, which reassures me greatly. Though I have not seen a full episode of the Mindy Project in quite some time, I’ve done my best to piece together what’s happened since I last watched, by viewing this trailer.

Mindy has a baby and a job and a husband, but still steals toilet paper. Morgan has not been fired, though he is desperately, painfully inadequate at his job. A lot of new people have been hired at the clinic which is maybe closing down because the show is ending, or because of evil forces off-screen that might have to do with the British guy that was also a doctor whom I remember vaguely from season three—maybe. Mindy’s child is old enough to be in preschool and Mindy still loves a bold print with a matching shoe.

Is that right? Sure! The biggest surprise for me is that she’s married, but something tells me that won’t last for long. Great news—we can all find out together on September 12, when the final season airs on Hulu.



Last I saw, Messina’s character had become a controlling, abusive piece of shit. Which was really sad for my husband and me, because we loved their relationship at first. I hope Messina’s character dies this season.