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Chris Harrison, Don't You DARE Give Bachelor in Paradise an After-Show

Illustration for article titled Chris Harrison, Dont You DARE Give iBachelor in Paradise /ian After-Show

ON THE HEELS of an EARTH-SHAKING casting announcement (bad lipstick Juelia! Two crazy Ashleys! “My name is” Carly! FREAKING TANNER WITH THE SEXY ROSACEA, #TEAMTANNER, HELLO!), Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison has made the VERY CONTROVERSIAL decision to do a weekly after-show called After Paradise, effectively RUINING the second-best show on television.


After Paradise, co-hosted by “Bachelor Enthusiast” Jenny Mollen, WHOEVER THE EFF THAT IS, will, according to Entertainment Weekly, “delve into the most recent episodes of Bachelor in Paradise alongside cast members and celebrity fans. The duo will take questions and comments from viewers, and will also debut deleted scenes and outtakes.” OH MY GOD, NO ONE NEEDS THIS!!!

Bachelor in Paradise is amazing because it’s an unhinged orgy with absolutely no point or discernible rules. LET’S NOT OVERANALYZE THIS, CHRIS. DON’T BE SO UNCOOL!


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Botox cry-face is my favorite thing rn