Chipotle Unveils What Exactly is in Their Guacamole

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Chipotle has been having quite a year. The chain restaurant known for making burritos the size of a newborn child has already been the center of hype surrounding a presidential campaign, was the scene of an actress’ deception and just last week announced plans to stop using GMOs. Now, these rapscallions are trying to win us over by making the recipe for their infamous guacamole available to the public.

We have all paid extra for the guac at one time or another, but now we can make our own at home. MTV News reports that Chipotle released the full recipe on their site this morning. Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of strange witchery in the ingredients. Just the typically seen jalapeño, salt and lime juice. Instead, here are my wild tips for three separate kinds of guacamole hacks: blue cheese, Lawry’s seasoning and pomegranate seeds.

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No wonder their guacamole is so damned lame. Proper guacamole needs a FUCK TON of lime juice, and a similar FUCK TON of cilantro (haters to the left). Also sea salt, finely diced grape tomatoes, and a hefty dose of cumin (powder, not whole seeds).