Chill Bro Very Angry That He Has to Pay Uber the $100 He Agreed To

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How many emails have you received from Uber this week? Despite not having used the service for months, I got about five and they all said one thing: New Year's Eve is going to suck if you want a fast and cheap ride home. But one dude is so angry that he agreed to Uber's prices that he's calling out the company for being predatory. Sure, they're out to make a profit but personal regret isn't a good reason to "fuck Uber." Good news: There are plenty of others.


Surge pricing is abhorrent and I have to pay it nearly every time (Lyft, too) because I live in an area no one really wants to go because some people don't even consider it part of San Francisco (avenues represent!), so I understand this man's pain, really I do. But it's also kind of tiring to read about people demanding their money back after they knew exactly what was going to happen. Look, it's okay to hate yourself for a $117 trip that should have been $13, but when the app makes you literally type in that you accept the fare, that's not really their fault anymore, so maybe start the new year off by not taking Uber again and using that $100 as a lesson that the company kind of sucks (especially its executives).

The best part, of course, is this dude's demand that Uber explain themselves while the reason he's being charged is right there on the screen. Buyer's remorse: It'll get you every time.

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Mel aka kayakgrrl

I wonder why this guy gets ridiculed in the article while the girl who was charged $300+ on Halloween (and her birthday) was to get our sympathy. Granted, she gave us a few more details (that she couldn't pay her rent because of the Uber bill) and got lots of donations to cover the cost. Does it merely come down to the man in today's article simply being a man who is complaining? (I'm normally the first to roll my eyes at the comments on Jezebel accusing us of 'misandry' and calling us 'man-haters,' but I'm honestly wondering if that's the reason today.) Or is it that he is capable of paying the inflated bill but just angry about it, and because he's economically solvent he gets only ridicule?