Child's First Flush Celebrated with Giant Toilet Cake, Grown Men Dressed as Toilets and 10,000 Confetti Toilets

"The moment this kid flushes, it's gonna be unbelievable," says the man Pull-Ups hired to act as a director to what they're calling "the biggest surprise potty party in history". I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's the only surprise potty party in history, but that quibble is for another day.

The recipient of the fanfare/probable trauma is an unsuspecting boy named Eli, who naively thinks he's relieving himself into a toilet for the first time with just his parents watching. SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER!

On the occasion of Eli's flush, what looks to be hundreds of Burning Man-looking chumps assemble in front of his house — some in stilts, some dressed as cheerleaders, and still others disguised as giant talking toilets. When the poor kid finally flushes, all hell breaks lose.


All I can think while watching the insanity is how Eli is gonna be pissed when he goes to the bathroom for the second time. Welcome to the real world, kid! It's all downhill from here. When you get older, the only "surprise potty party" you get for taking a shit is a stinky bathroom and maybe a hemorrhoid or two.

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Not here anymore

This is just so fucking stupid on so many levels; the diaper industry really has sucked people into over-reliance in a ridiculous way. What is that kid, three? Four? Waaaay to old to be in any kind of diaper. Even the parents admit they would have trained him earlier (if they'd known it would be such "fun"), meaning they SHOULD have trained him earlier.

My kid is seven weeks old and already goes on the potty (we EC); we hope to fully toilet train him by one year to eighteen months at the latest. We cloth diaper too. I absolutely refuse to be a participant in the trashing of the environment/lazy hygiene/financial highway robbery/extended helplessness that the diaper companies want us to be complicit in. Over half the people on this earth have no access to disposable diapers and toilet train their kids by age one. Why are we so fucking proud of training our kids to shit their pants well into toddlerhood?