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Check Out These Gifs Of Celebs Who Make the Same Face in Every Photo

Illustration for article titled Check Out These Gifs Of Celebs Who Make the Same Face in Every Photo

I'm pretty sure that celebrities who have to take a million (estimated) pictures have probably perfected their expressions, but it's cool to see what it looks like when all the photos are linked together creating a gif collage (is this a thing or did I just make it up?) of the same expression against different backgrounds and sometimes (as is the case with Nick Jonas) different people. It's also fitting that Paris Hilton is included in this gallery because I'm pretty certain I first read about this phenomenon in her groundbreaking book Confessions Of An Heiress (which I received for my 21st birthday). (I did not get the accompanying journal and blame this fact for my distincty un-heiress-like behavior today.


More images can be found here, but you may lost up to 10 minutes of your life hypnotized by the briskly moving photos. Actually, it's kind of zen. Go with it. (Also: You have to see Lohan's photos accentuated by the hit "Call On Me.") (Thanks, Corbindallasamp!)


Can't forget Brock!


Lead image via Shutterstock.

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Marx and Sparks

I love these so, so much. I think this is why the internet was created. But also, your link to more doesn't work. :(