Chaz Bono Describes The Difference Between "Lesbian" & "Transgender"

Today, Chaz Bono was on Oprah to discuss his transition from female to male.

Chaz, who was once famous for being Cher's lesbian daughter—even serving as the Entertainment Media Director for GLAAD—realized, not long after seeing the film Boys Don't Cry, that he was was not a lesbian, but rather, was a man trapped in a woman's body. Chaz began undergoing a gender transition in mid-2008, first through testosterone shots, and later with a double mastectomy. When Oprah asked, Chaz said that he has no interest in any kind of genital surgery, adding that everyone else seems to be so much more interested in whether or not he has a penis than he is. He documented his transition in the film Becoming Chaz, which airs tomorrow on OWN.


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