Charlie Sheen Reportedly Told All of Us About His HIV Diagnosis Before Telling His Kids

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What if, growing up, one of your parents had very important news to tell you—like, “Honey, your daddy and I are getting a divorce,” or, “Sweetie, we’re moving to Tallahassee...tomorrow”—and what if, instead of hearing about it from your mother or father, you heard the news from Matt Lauer while eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes?


That chilling scenario was almost lived by Charlie Sheen’s daughters, Sam and Lola, as Page Six is reporting he “did not break the news about his HIV status to his daughters...before disclosing it to the world.”

They continue:

“When the HIV news came out, Charlie never told them. It broke when they were at school and Denise [Richards] didn’t even have a heads-up about it. She had to explain that issue much earlier than she anticipated,” says our source.

[Page Six]

Louis Tomlinson will give his baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, £10,000 (roughly $14,000) a month for child support until 2034. £4,200 will go to her rent (for a home in Calabasas, obviously) and £5,750 will go to “anything else their son needs.” But, reports The Sun, her mother thinks she deserves more.

She told a pal she reckons Louis should pay £35,000 a month.

The friend said: “She’s in dreamland.”

She’s not in dreamland. She’s in Calabasas.

[The Sun]

79-year-old Glenda Jackson has won two Best Actress Oscars, didn’t attend either ceremony, and thinks the awards are a “whole shebang of nonsense.”

She continued:

They have much less to do with cinema. They are about frocks and the whole shebang of nonsense. Nowadays, it seems like the real competition is between the different award shows. The Golden Globes, back in my day, if you won you were lucky to get a notice in the next day’s Los Angeles Times. Now the coverage is ludicrous.


White actors have been saying a lot of very stupid things about the Oscars lately, so it’s sort of nice to hear one just shit on the Golden Globes instead.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Louis Tomlinson is not going to have 10,000 pounds a month to give through to 2034.