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Celine Dion Tells Incomprehensible Story About Her Maternal Journey

Last night Celine Dion talked about her new babies—Nelson and Eddy—on Larry King Live, where she also went into a nonsensical explanation about women's fertility, as well as how she mixed up her unnamed twins.

And as always, she gives good face.


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Kooky delivery aside (utterly forgivable in my book), I give her major props for being "out" about her IVF instead of going the "miracle baby" cover-up route.

I know one's path to family-building is a private matter, and no one is obligated to disclose, but it is actually a mitzvah on her part to be so honest about how hard it can be to get, and stay, pregnant—-especially after 38 or so. It brings a lot of reality-checking and reassurance to those going through their own struggle with fertility, in a non-shamey "yep, been there myself" kind of way.