Last night, Gucci hosted a screening of Fellini's masterpiece La Dolce Vita. Maybe because it took place in New York, or maybe because the event was sort of artsy fartsy to begin with, but, judging by their clothing, it looked like the only thing that the attendees enjoy more than doing The New York Times crossword puzzle is actually finishing it.

Jena Malone seems to have gotten the memo that this is a high-brow event. Which is why she only put makeup on her brows?

Samantha Mathis went for a modern-day flapper look, but unfortunately fell victim to yesterday's Summer Hair epidemic in humid NYC. Karen Elson's sage shoes clashed horribly with her red dress, which otherwise is exactly what you'd expect the wife of color-coordinated Jack White to be wearing. And Leelee Sobieski is still Helen Hunt to me.


Whenever sex symbol studs want to be taken seriously for their intellect and talent they button their shirts up all the way and wear glasses. Which would explain Martin Scorsese's bifocals and Tony Bennett's transitions.


Patricia Clarkson (on the right) totally wins the hotness award out of this crowd. Nora Zehetner (left) looks like she's going to a toga party at Smith while Aleksa Palladino (center) needs to put a brarawn.

Since it seems like a lot of people from Boardwalk Empire attended this event, I would not at all be surprised if Michael Pitt was actually still in costume. Adrien Brody went a little more casual, and it's a good thing Fisher Stevens had some kind of motorbike transportation, since his shoes look like they are literally about to disintegrate off his feet.


I was disappointed that more people didn't play around with the early '60s vibe, considering what they were all there for. Gina Gershon, as always, just gets it. Emily Mortimer (right) looked sophisticated and safe. The thing about Vera Farmiga's outfit is that it's totally rich lady decadence. Only someone who doesn't have to stroll the city streets or be out of air conditioning beyond the 20 seconds it takes to walk from the car to the door of the building could even think about completely covering her arms, legs, and neck in a black acrylic fabric on a day as hot as it was yesterday. This is what money looks like. And actually, it's not really that flattering.