Celebrity Rehab Sneak Peek

The new season—premiering December 1—might have the best cast in the show's history: Janice Dickinson, Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole's mom), and Eric Roberts to name a few. But one patient, socialite Jason Davis, is easily the most abhorrent.

On the first episode (posted on VH1.com), we get to meet all of the patients and learn of their various histories with substance abuse and trauma. But any sympathy for Jason Davis—heir to a family fortune made on oil and 20th Century Fox—is thrown out the window due to his overwhelming sense of entitlement and rude behavior, particularly toward the women staffers and patients over whom he tries to establish dominance through sexual comments and innuendo.

The worst, though, is that he makes repeated attempts to bully Janice Dickinson by insulting her about her plastic surgery and embarrassing her in front of the other male patients by putting his hand to the back of her head to simulate a blow job when she bends over to extinguish her cigarette.

Typically, Janice is tough and doesn't take any shit, but given the fact that she's in a weird situation that's already emotionally taxing (and is beginning menopause, to boot), she's more fragile than we usually see her on these reality shows, and toward the end of the episode, she reveals that she's been having suicidal ideations.

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