Celebrity Rehab: Seizures Aren't Funny

On today's episode, country star Mindy McCready was joking around with roommate Mackenzie Phillips when she began having a seizure. Thinking Mindy was kidding, Mackenzie laughed hysterically, until she realized how serious the situation was.

I'll bet Mackenzie felt shitty when she saw that footage, but how can you blame her? She couldn't have expected that Mindy would have seized. Initially, it appeared that the seizure might have had something to do with withdrawal, but the preview for the next episode suggest that it might stem from damage to her brain, caused by a severe assault from her ex-boyfriend.

Much of the rest of the cast, though, are experiencing terrible symptoms from drug withdrawal, particularly Mike Starr, former bassist for Alice in Chains. On this episode, he spent much of the night puking on the floor next to his bed, creating one of the biggest piles of vomit I've ever seen. Poor Shelly, one of the employees of the Pasadena Recovery Center, had the task of cleaning up the giant mess. Later, Mike began experiencing emotional and psychological symptoms, of which Shelly also received the brunt. He called her a cunt, a bitch, and a whore when she asked him to wake up for his 12-step meeting.

Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman continues to deny that he has an addiction problem at all, despite the fact that he is the only patient who has been mandated to treatment by court order, stemming from an alcohol-related charge. He insists that he has "consequences because [he's] famous."

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I wonder how much of Mike's rudeness is from the withdrawal. It's not to make excuses for him, but On last week's episode, he was incredibly polite, apologizing to and profusely thanking Shelley and Drew for all their help (like when they had to take care of some oozing issues he was having). This week he's done a 180.

If everyone in rehab looked like Real World Boy, I would go next week.