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Celebrities Drive Each Other to the Edge In the New Carpool Karaoke Series

James Corden has finally made his own “celebrities do music” bit into a spinoff a la Lip Sync Battle, and the trailer promises some unholy unions in the beige interior of this car.


Alicia Keys and John Legend make sense, but we also get a glimpse of Billy Eichner trying to sing with Metallica to a Rihanna song. And Seth MacFarlane in a duet with Ariana Grande, crooning “Suddenly Seymour,” which is what I think hell sounds like. There are even a few people who you wouldn’t really consider “singers” at all, like John Cena and Shaquille O’Neal, but okay.

Since the show is half an hour, the celebrity pairings do occasionally escape the confines of their automobile to bring music to laundromats and super markets, where I hope the owners were well-compensated. On the bright side for folks who want less James Corden, he’s only slated to appear in the Will Smith episode before passing on the keys. No announcement on the Apple Music release date, but if you can’t wait, just drive around in your car with the radio blasting for a similar effect.

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Little Miss Scatterbrained

The lipsync battle show ended up being better than I thought, but I still don’t actually watch it. Just the little clips they release on social. I have trouble seeing how this will work in a longer format. I love the short bits, I don’t want this to ruin it