Cat Marnell's Memoir Will Have a Rhyming Chapter

Cat Marnell recently sat down for a panel with photographer Richard Kern, where the two discussed drugs and girls and Marnell's forthcoming memoir. As ever, Marnell is nothing if not a never-ending stream of soundbites, our favorite being about her writing process and relationship with her book publisher.

I’d rather get in loads of trouble and fight for what I believe in even if that means, like, I want to have whole chapters that rhyme that represent when I’m really high. Because that’s what I’ve written and I like them and they haven’t seen them yet but you know that’s what my brain does when I take too much Adderall and I write in rhyme and Simon & Schuster doesn’t know that’s what they’re about to be handed.


Watch your back, Dr. Seuss.

Watch Cat Marnell and Richard Kern Talk Girls, Drugs, and Girls on Drugs [Bedford and Bowery]

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