Casey Wilson and Busy Phillips Will Star in New NBC Comedy Pilot The Sackett Sisters

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Photo: Getty Images

When Happy Endings went off the air, I mourned its loss not only because it was a delightfully weird, funny little show, but because Casey Wilson’s turn as Penny was always freaking hilarious. Great news, though: she’s coming back to TV to star in a new comedy called The Sackett Sisters.

Wilson will play one of the titular sisters, along side Busy Phillips. Bradley Whitford will play their dad. As per Deadline, the sisters perform a “Sully Sullenberger-esque act of public heroism, then are forced to navigate their newfound notoriety together.” I can think of no one I’d rather watch deal with the aftermath of an “act of public heroism” than these two women. This sounds funny! Really, it does.

For those of you who saw Get Out, you’ll recognize Whitford as the bespectacled dad who spent at least five minutes of the film clapping Daniel Kaluuya on the shoulder while telling him how he would’ve voted for Obama for a third term. (That is not a spoiler, go see Get Out, it’s fabulous.) He was also White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman in The West Wing. Phillips, on the other hand, was Michelle Williams’s date at the Academy Awards, was in Dawson’s Creek and will forever be etched in my memory as Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks. Tina Fey is attached as executive producer. Fun!


I’m hoping this show takes the sort of darkly-funny turn other recent offerings like The Good Place did. No word on a premiere date, but soon would be nice. We could all use a laugh.

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eugene levy's eyebrows

I need to go re-watch Happy Endings. That show has some of the best one-liners. I lurve Casey. I listen to Bitch Sesh religiously.

Busy was one of the parts of Cougartown.

I will definitely check out this show.