Cartier Is Now Cuntier — Pass It On

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A Parsons grad student originally made two "Cuntier" beanies as a joke because employees at a Cartier store were rude to his friend. The public saw the hats and were all, "YES PLEASE!" but unfortunately, you will never own an orignal Cuntier because Cartier demanded the man stop. What a bunch of cuntiers.


Enterprising Parsons student: may I suggest "Bloody Cuntier" for the next round — seeing as blood diamonds and all? Yes?

[Via Daily Beast]

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Shit, I just like "cuntier" as an adjective. I'm a big fan of "cunt" as a non-pejorative word. I think "cuntier" could be useful.

"What a great turn-out for this town meeting!"

"The numbers are good. But it's, like, 75% male. I wish it were cuntier."

"What do you think of this painting?"

"You have a lot of phallic imagery here. I think it should be cuntier."