Cards Against Humanity has a history of mailer promotions around the holidays for people who aren’t satisfied with the stack of crap they don’t want from Secret Santa. The company retired the promos in 2015, but they’re back, and this time it’s to fight Trump’s border wall. Okay.


The promotion on website Cards Against Humanity Saves America, which has already completely sold out, offers prizes in exchange for $15. In the promotional video above, it seems to be implied that buying into this promo will put a stick in the cog of Trump’s wall building. The company claims to have bought a strip of land along the Mexican and US border, and they will portion it out and send buyers “an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall.” Plus six other prizes that have yet to be announced. Perhaps the bricks that would have made the wall’s foundation?

It’s getting pretty tired to say, “You wouldn’t believe this if it were in a movie,” but I really wouldn’t believe that a naughty board game might join the fight against Trump’s wall if I saw it in a movie. Is this real life? What is happening? The faq for this stunt includes a question and response about Cards Against Humanity “getting political.”


Why don’t you stick to seeing how many Hot Wheels cars you can fit up your asshole?


Because I already know the answer to that.

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A NSFW card game is getting into a land war with an insane former reality show host who is now the President of the United States, and said President is possibly being blackmailed by a hostile foreign government with a pee tape. JFC.