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Cardi B Can Rob Me, But Only if She Wears the Mask

Cardi B’s willingness to put herself in harms way (or even just risk frostbite) for the sake of fashion is a quality I have long admired, but this time she’s really outdone herself.


The rapper showed up to the launch of her hubby Offset’s fashion collaboration during Paris Fashion Week in a sheer black number under an oversized faux fur coat, with a truly stellar bejeweled ski mask to complete the look.

And she looks so. damn. good.

According to Page Six, Cardi’s fit consisted of a Mah-Jing Wong catsuit, an oversized Adrienne Landau faux fur coat and a sparkling ski mask by CoutureMask. Normally the aesthetic contrast between Cardi and Offset is a little off-putting, but in this case, her husband’s more basic fashion choices just make Cardi’s look seem all the more bold.


I must admit, there is copious photographic evidence illustrating that I am a sucker for all things black and sheer, but what really elevates this whole fit is that bedazzled (or whatever wealthy people call it) ski mask. It looks almost like one of those chainmail headpieces knights used to wear, but Cardi’s aesthetic is less knights of the roundtable and more like a really impractical but very sexy bank robber.

.... This has given me an idea for a movie and none of you are allowed to steal it.

And please, before you go, don’t forget to take a closer look at her nails. Red claws—pure perfection.



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Buddy Love

Every time Jezebel runs a piece on Cardi B, I wonder WTF is wrong with Jezebel.She’s a garbage person.