Can't Help Butt Notice: Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Has Quite the Boot

Figure skater and Olympic medalist Adam Rippon was honored to share his buns of steel to his thousands of Twitter followers today.


Rippon is one of the cover stars of ESPN’s annual Body Issue, now in its tenth year. The special features gorgeous photography of a variety of sportsmen and sportswomen in the nude, and Rippon looks like a goddamn Greek god on ice.

When it comes to objectifying bodies in the name of sports, ESPN’s Body Issue feels like a perfect foil to Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Sure, the latter has become more inclusive over the past few years, but the Body Issue has consistently provided space to athletes of various shapes, sizes, and ages; ripped football players with insane abs alongside strong, soft bellied softball players, both at the top of their game, both able to crush me like a fucking bug. Heroes, honestly.

You can check out the full Rippon shoot and the other cover stars over at ESPN.

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I saw this on Twitter and had to remind myself that I’m old enough to be Adam’s favorite aunt.

(And also that he’s gay, but first and foremost...)