Candace Cameron Bure Says People Being Mean to Her On Twitter Is Basically the Same as Rape

On Wednesday, the panelists of The View discussed Lena Dunham’s decision to quit Twitter due to the abusive nature of social media users. While several panelists—including Raven Symone—agreed that people on Twitter are generally mean and should be more respectful, Candace Cameron Bure took it a step further. The former Full House star spoke up strongly, suggesting that the comments she’s received on Twitter since coming on The View were comparable to rape. “You don’t have to verbally abuse me and rape me,” she said. “That’s what they do to me on Twitter.”

While Cameron Bure’s fellow panelists didn’t really acknowledge her comment—because it’s going to take a little more time than an hour with eight commercial breaks to explain exactly what’s wrong with it, probably—it was noticed elsewhere. Viewers pointed out that the only thing like rape is rape, and Bure was chastised for continuing to contribute to the trend of people comparing things they don’t like or agree with to actual sexual assault.

Cameron Bure hasn’t yet addressed her comment, nor did she appear on Thursday’s show, according to The New York Daily News, but that might be because she was out of town during the airing. And despite her claims that she’s been “raped and abused” on Twitter many times, she enthusiastically continues using the social media platform, promoting The View and a recent appearance with Shannen Doherty.


It’s unclear whether Bure’s comments will ever be addressed by the panel, but according to The View’s Twitter, she’s coming to today’s show armed with a hot topic.

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People can be assholes in the Internet. Just today someone to me said that if American Indians had their own version of Donald Trump we would have been able to keep white people out instead of all being alcoholics who owned casinos. That was rather stunning in its racism and ignorance. Still it’s not the same thing as rape.