Can You Believe It's Been 20 Years Since Jason Biggs Fucked That Pie?

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It seems like just yesterday Eugene Levy caught Jason Biggs sticking his dick in a pie. And yet, two decades have come and gone, and though some things have remained the same—Eugene Levy’s eyebrows, Eugene Levy’s dad glasses, Eugene Levy, in general, who seems ageless—the world is a very different place. Donald Trump is president! We have iPhones! Biggs made bad tweets! Sex comedies can star women now! Time, it flies.


The New York Times, of all places, has a deep-look at the seminal (lol) 1999 movie’s infamous pie-fucking scene, and it sounds like it was about as awkward to film as it was for me to watch (at a sleepover, naturally, with my friend’s parents IN THE SAME ROOM.) Although it is noteworthy—and rather disappointing, to be honest—that Biggs did not actually stick his dick in the pie. The movies are a lie!!!!

Per the Times:

BIGGS I wasn’t aroused, obviously, so it was kind of more like [my penis] was against it. It wasn’t in it, if you will. Also, it was a fake pie. It was a real tin pie case, but then it was Styrofoam on the inside. Then we put real apple pie pieces all around it, and all around my region. I was sort of flush against the pie as opposed to being inserted into the pie, if you know what I mean.

Biggs had to fake-fuck the pie a lot, apparently:

BIGGS We did it once where I straddled the counter and the pie on that island in the kitchen. Then we did it a second way where I was doing it standing up. I believe the latter was the version that was in the theaters, and then the former was where I was on top of the counter, I believe that was in the DVD or the unrated version.

His stamina seems impressive:

BIGGS Each time it was very tricky. I’ll never forget J.B. would be coming in and would be adjusting my pants ever so slightly. Like, “O.K., you’re showing too much crack. Oh, you’re showing not enough crack. We can see a little bit of your penis here.” It was probably like six hours of doing it from all different angles and all different versions of it.


In the end, Biggs’ six hours of fake-pie fucking paid off, since the scene turned American Pie into a major sex comedy classic (and spawned four canonical sequels, at least two of which were passable).

It also, unfortunately, took some victims:

BIGGS I do remember there was a story after the movie had come out about a kid in Idaho that attempted to do this and got third-degree burns on his penis, because he didn’t wait for the pie to cool down after it got out of the oven, which is, of course, just a super amateur mistake. Dude, you got to let it sit for an hour after it gets out of the oven. Come on.


Pour one out for the burnt peen and the ruined Thanksgivings, of which I can only presume there were many.




I remember watching it thinking Chris Klein was gonna be the next big thing. Where did he and his forehead go? I hope he’s on TV, cuz I sure haven’t seen him in movies.