Can Surgeons Stop Running Weird Secret Instagram Accounts and Just Like...Be Normal

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Oh, great. This again. Some obstetrics and gynecology residents out in Michigan were recently exposed for running an Instagram account where they posted pictures of patients’ body parts, presumably without their consent. One of the pics shows a doctor holding a surgically removed cancerous organ, and the caption, per TMZ, reads: “The other game we play in the [operating room] is guess that weight. As always, Price is Right rules apply so if you go over then you’re out!”


Administrators at Spectrum Health, the Grand Rapids hospital where the nearly three dozen residents who run the account work, say they’re “disappointed to learn that surgical images were posted on an Instagram account” and “are taking steps to resolve the issue.” One solution I have is for surgeons to be normal???? Like, what is wrong with you????

Ever since reading this story on TMZ, I can’t stop thinking about Christopher Salgado, the Miami surgeon whose own fucked-up Instagram account where he regularly posted pics of his trans patients’ removed genitals with transphobic, racist, and ableist captions attached was exposed nearly two years ago. Do they need to start teaching people to not do this in med school? Are you guys 14 years old??

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I know from my doctor sibling’s experience that they very much already go over “don’t be inappropriate with cadavers or people’s body parts” in medical school. Whether people ignore this or not, well - it’s clear they ignore it.