Camille Cosby Will Be Deposed Today in a Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby

On Sunday, a judge ruled against Camille Cosby’s last-ditch effort to sidestep a deposition in one of the defamation lawsuits against her husband Bill Cosby.

Cosby will be deposed in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband in 2014 by seven women, led by Tamara Green, who accused the comedian of sexual assault and say he discredited their claims once they came forward.


On Saturday, attorneys for Cosby filed a motion saying that Camille’s testimony would create “an unnecessary media circus and personal security threat that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her.”

In response, Massachusetts U.S. District Judge Mark Mastroianni ruled that Mrs. Cosby’s deposition will continue on Monday morning and ordered the lawyers to court for a status conference before her testimony, according to Reuters. Judge Mastroianni instructed that while she has to participate, she “could not be compelled to reveal private conversations with her husband.”


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