Camille Cosby Denies Ever Reading Bill Cosby's Deposition About Quaaludes

During a recent deposition, Camille Cosby stated that she never read her husband Bill’s deposition about giving women quaaludes for sex. Mrs. Cosby testified in a defamation lawsuit against her husband brought by Tamara Green and six more women in Massachusetts.

After initially fighting the deposition, Camille Cosby finally sat down with Green’s lawyer Joseph Cammarata in February. Cammarata’s clients claim that when they came forward with their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Cosby, they were defamed by the comedian and his team. In 2015, a judge released the transcripts of the actor’s original 2005 deposition in Andrea Constand’s civil suit against him, during which he admitted to securing quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to sleep with.


Camille Cosby, according to Page Six, said that she and her husband discussed his testimony but wouldn’t reveal exactly what they talked about, saying, “That is just communication between my husband and me.” Cosby doesn’t have to answer questions if she doesn’t want to under Massachusetts’ marital disqualification rule, which “prohibits spouses from testifying about private marital conversations.”

Bill Cosby’s lawyers have asked that this defamation case be postponed while he fights a felony charge in Pennsylvania stemming from a 2004 case involving Constand. He has pleaded not guilty in that criminal case and is still facing several other defamation suits.


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