A day after the goss about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston hooking up on a lover’s rock in Rhode Island, TMZ and other super concerned paparazzi tried bombarding Swift’s most recent ex Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles in a parking garage with questions about how he’s feeling right now.

TMZ caught the session on video and surmised that “Calvin Harris is putting on a good face ... even if he’s hurting inside.” The brief Q&A went as follows:

Pap 1: “Hey, Calvin.”

Pap 2: “Calvin.”

Pap 1: “Any comment on Taylor and Tom, Calvin.”

Pap 2: “Did Taylor—Did Taylor betray you?”

Pap 1: “How’s it going? How you feeling?”

Pap 3: “Have any comments about Taylor?”

Calvin: “It’s all good, she’s doing her thing.”

Pap 1: “Yeah?”

[Questions confusedly overlap]

Pap 2: “It’s all good?”

Pap 1: “So everything gonna be okay between you two?”

Calvin: “She’s doing her thing, dude.” [Nods, smiles]

Really? Doing. Her. Thing. One more question, Calvin: What is her thing? Exactly. You know exactly what we’re talking about.


Image via screenshot