By (Your Name Here): The New Kids On The Block

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You may have noticed some new, and perhaps unfamiliar bylines on the site. This is, as they say, entirely by design - and we're looking for your help.


A little over a month ago, we began experimenting with syndications, that is, publishing already-existing content in order to bring a broader range of voices, and material, to the readers on our site. We've been thrilled to showcase the fantastic work of such writers as Amanda Hess of the Sexist, Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp of Sociological Images, Melissa Silverstein of Women & Hollywood, and the myriad of writers at Racialicious and Refinery29, and we've received great feedback from our readers in response to these contributions. (Examples of syndicated posts here, here, here and here. This one even got its author a query from a book editor at a fancy NYC publishing company.)

However, it doesn't end there. Our interest in showcasing new voices and compelling content extends far beyond already established and well-known blogs, and, though we like to think our awareness and aggregation of stories for women on the web is fairly comprehensive, we do not have the time, or womanpower, to delve into every topic we'd like. This is where you come in. If you know of (or are) a web writer or blogger whose work would make a great addition to the site, please, let us know via email (send to with the subject header SYNDICATION SUGGESTION) what blogs/writers you're excited about, why, and provide some links to relevant material. (Note: this is not a call for resumes or applications for staff positions at Jezebel, but a call for introductions to writers and already-existing content that could benefit from a wider audience.) Topics of interest include anything and everything, including things we already cover. We're keen on strong voices, unique points of view, well-crafted arguments and engaging, accessible takes on oft-ignored issues of interest to women.



Anna, I think if you read through the comments on the above post: [] you'll see that there are many commenters who would love to see a mom's perspective in the posts once in awhile. Childbearing is obviously a uniquely female activity, but it seems that most Jezebel posts on motherhood tend to be along the lines of "Here are the kinds of moms we hate" or "Reason #___ not to have kids." (Jessica's post about a week ago about the Pill comes to mind, particularly her comments on "shredded vaginas.") But damned if I can think of any bloggers off the top of my head that I could recommend. Anyway, it's just a thought.