Busy Philipps Is Awesomely Honest About Women and Weight in Hollywood

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Busy Philipps, the lady who first gloriously sneered her way into your heart as Kim Kelly on Freaks and Geeks, is pregnant with her second baby. You see, Busy got busy and made a bus-aby! Tip your waitresses; I'll see my way out!


The about-to-burst Philipps sat down with Amanda de Cadenet on The Conversation, and GIRLFRIEND, did they get comfortable. I'm pretty sure de Cadenet drugs her green room snacks because the second people get on her show — it's all masturbate this, and hand job that. I dig it!

This week, de Cadenet and Philipps talked about waxing, breastfeeding, and the time Phillips was told to lose weight for a part by some chump.

On waxing, she says:

I do get waxed, but after I had my daughter I had this real epiphany. I felt like it would be really f—king weird if I had no hair on my vagina, because I have a little girl and I want her to look at me and think that grown women have hair on their vaginas!

On the lie of miraculously losing weight via breastfeeding:

"I love that the whole weird misconception, 'I just lost it all breastfeeding.' It's like, 'No, you didn't!'" she argued.

"Well, no one's honest about it!" de Cadenet agreed. "No one's honest about how they get their bodies looking the way they do."


The most interesting part is when Philipps talks about how she was asked to drop some pounds for a role when she was 24-years-old:

I was asked to lose weight by a network for a TV pilot. The conversation happens because you get a job and your agent or manager calls and they say, 'They are so excited about you. They just think there is no one better for this part and they want you to look and feel your best — they really feel that that could include losing 15 or 20 pounds.


Does that remind anyone else of the scene from Knocked Up when Kristen Wiig tells Katherine Heigl to get on the scale, look at the number, and then to just weigh 20 pounds less? That's the best scene in the whole movie. Oh, and it's also total fucking bullshit.

Philipps is refreshingly truthful about her own struggle with body image:

"I feel like it's the last frontier of feminism — the weight thing with women — even for myself." Philipps said. "I identify as a feminist. I have so many feminist beliefs — and then I'm so mean to myself about my body sometimes. Or I can be judgmental about other people for their bodies, and I don't know how to get over it."


Well, funny you should ask! (That was my best Tobias impersonation.) According to a study in PLoS One, seeing different body sizes makes us more comfortable with different body sizes.


I'm sure being an actress surrounded by other actresses isn't great for that, since they all tend to be very similar sizes — which is to say, skinny. And there's nothing wrong with that — it's just an extremely narrow range and doesn't even begin to showcase the vast variety of body sizes in the world.

So, uh, maybe Busy can become a producer and cast all sorts of differently shaped ladies in awesome roles? Yes? Or she can just come over to my apartment and watch me eat this bowl of cereal for second dinner. Either way.


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